We are still in the early stages of development. We are in need of people willing to donate time and money to help this program take off.

If you would like to contribute financially please contact Cole Cameron or use the PayPal link below:

If you would like to offer your time as a mentor or donate your professional services our wish list is long and any time and effort would be greatly appreciated.

  • We need financial support to cover annual operational costs (see our wish list for details) so that we do not have to charge participants.
  • We need hands to help us design, manage and build our three primary buildings.
  • We need transportation vehicles as well as kitchen equipment for volunteer builders and for ongoing programs.
  • Staff and volunteer support is needed.
  • Creative talents of literature, brochures and collateral materials all need to be written and regularly updated.
  • Ongoing press releases will need to be written and submitted to the press.
  • And of course we need your time as an elder and mentor.