Rekindle your fire. Become a mentor. Share your knowledge and learn from today's youth.

You don’t have to mentor alone, you can join a small mentoring team, giving with others.

Join others in a training that works through your old teen horror days, allowing you to be more present.

We encourage teachers, mentors, elders and other individuals from diverse walks of life to not only share their life trials with youth but also to understand who they are as individuals and what issues they have.

Come be cleansed by a good talk, an open ear, fun, food and fire.

You have the opportunity to bring some balance into your life and give back as many gifts as you have received in your life. By mentoring to youth will give yourself a huge gift.

What can mentoring be for you? How would you like it to look? It can take many forms.

One program, Big Brothers/Big Sisters have mentors that are with an individual youth for an hour a week for longer periods of time. Some training is available for you to prepare.

Another form is to have a small team of mentors do the mentoring to a group of youth, instead of the one on one model, which addes some flexibility to each mentor's personal life.

We have found that the simply drive from homes to the mentoring gathering site provides a great individual connection time.

Other options could be the staffing of a young men's or women's weekend. Or the creation of an event.

You could share your work with youth, so they have a fuller ser of choices in potential careers.

What would you like to contribute?

To volunteer a weekend or a lifetime contact us.